Sugar: The Dark Side of the White Stuff

You may already know that eating too much sugar isn’t healthy for you. These days, the real challenge is avoiding overconsumption because many manufacturers stuff it into so many different foods and beverages, sometimes even under unrecognizable names. They’re even adding it to foods that we wouldn’t normally think of as sweet such as condiments and crackers.

Why You Should Detox Over 50

In 2018, the Environmental Protection Agency reported that 3.8 billion pounds of chemical waste were released into the air and water. This leads us to ask the critical question of how these toxicants, the technical term for toxic man-made substances, affect our bodies. Exposure to these compounds is a pressing issue as they have been linked to systemic inflammation…

How Food Can Fight Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal fatigue, or adrenal exhaustion, are terms that have soared in popularity over the past decade. And it makes sense. Modern life can be exhausting! We sway to the demands of so many external forces—our work, family needs, technology…the simple but sometimes unending tasks that fill our day-to-day life to overflowing. Feelings of overwhelm are as normal as our morning coffee.