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Why Balanced Body Composition Is Critical for People Over 50

You almost always hear about weight loss as the way to maintain health. But the truth is that a balanced body composition—optimal amounts of muscle and, yes, even fat—is the scientifically proven way to stay vital as you age. Why? Because after the age of 30, according to Harvard Health Publishing, you lose muscle at a rate of 3%-5% each decade, also known as sarcopenia.

The Connection Between Daily Energy and Aging Well

Waking up in the morning feels just a little more challenging than it did a few years ago. You often have to rest during activities you used to feel excited and energized by—couples’ tennis, a painting class, or your weekly running group. Maybe even sex seems like more of a chore than a pleasure. Do these scenarios sound familiar?

Is Pain a Normal Part of Aging?

The short answer is no. Normal often gets confused with common, however. And pain, especially chronic pain, is shockingly all too common. Over 50 million Americans (that’s a little over 20% of adults in the United States) deal with daily pain classified as chronic or high-impact chronic, pain so severe that it inhibits their everyday life. Regretfully, the prevalence of pain sharply increases in people over 50 (1).

How Sleep Patterns Impact Aging

It’s well researched that healthy aging comes with shifts in sleep patterns. Your circadian system, the complex interactions between your hormones and nervous system that influence the timing of everything from blood pressure to hunger, changes as you age. And these changes are entirely normal. Older adults often find that they want to go to bed earlier in the evening and get up earlier in the morning.

Infused Water – Delicious, Healthy, and Easy

Many years ago, I was on vacation in Florida and one day I got up super early to take a walk on the beach. I generally walk every day and had been walking all during my holiday, so this was no big deal. I had a point about 2.5 miles away in mind. There and back would be a nice walk and would get me back to the hotel…